CancerOptions is a private cancer consultancy working at the forefront of cancer treatment developments around the world. We offer a range of services including:

  1. Consultations assessing your current status and discussion and information on all appropriate and relevant integrative options.

  2. Unsure about treatment; an opportunity to discuss your medical treatment with an impartial expert to ensure you are being offered the best available.

  3. Programmes to prepare you for treatment, support you through it and help you recover from it.

  4. Does your approach differ from what you are being offered? Integrative medicine is about building a treatment approach that takes your philosophy of health, wishes and research into account.

  5. A full metabolic assessment of underlying contributors to your cancer type, imbalances following treatment and a pathway from treatment towards restoring health.

  6. Re-purposed drugs, integrative treatment clinics worldwide, clinical trials, breakthrough therapies we can help you with advice, contact, organisation for all of these.

At CancerOptions we recognise that a cancer diagnosis can leave people feeling at a loss about what to do next. At a time when many feel overwhelmed, we give you control and choice about your treatment. Perhaps most importantly, we give you hope.

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